Understanding Agile Software Development

Deigned for the fast-paced, high-competitive business world, Agile methodology offers a nimble framework for rapid delivery of business value. Rapidly moving market means, shorter delivery cycles and more responsiveness and that’s exactly what Agile delivers. The agile process weaves software development seamlessly to fit the model with its weekly sprints, stand-ups, planning, and feedback.

Unlike Waterfall model, (basically used in s/w development process where a client gives the requirement, development team builds the software and send software to client for final approval. If any further changes are required, development team has to start from the beginning) where a lot of time gets wasted.

Agile methodology aims to bring the client and software development teams closer with continuous review and feedback.

Using Agile methodology, a team can develop a coarse version of the software and then send to the client for feedback. If the coarse version matches with the client’s concept, the implementation starts. Or, if the clients give any feedback or suggestions to make any changes, the project is modified according to the feedback. Edits are made and the newer version is given to client. This process continues until the client is fully satisfied.

Usually words like “Iterative” & “Incremental” are used for agile development as developers coordinates with clients to make the software better. The word “Sprint” is used for the drafts of software.

For instance, first draft is called first sprint, second draft is called second sprint and so on. Feedback loop involves processes such as developing, frequently meeting, incorporating feedback and again developing.

Agile is in our DNA at RailsCarma. We ask our clients to provide user stories and we take the requirements in project management tools. First we start with designing UI, and we start coding/ developing application. And then we test, push to Git, deploy to test server. Finally we take approval from client.

Agile Software Development

As long as client requires any modifications, the product goes back to developer and the process continues. Once the work finishes, we release the final application. We always stick to a particular style as it helps our developers to create better software.

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