Make Voice calls through Ruby on Rails Web applications

In today’s life everyone is busy with there work, no one wants to recieve unwanted or spam calls to their phones.
So, if you want to filter out the spam calls or unpriority calls you can do so using Plivo.
Plivo provides Ruby SDK as well as well-maintained documentation to integrate Plivo for voice calls in application.
Here, I am demonstrating how to create your first voice call using Plivo in Ruby on Rails Web Application
First of all you should have rails application.

I am creating new here,

$ rails new plivo_demo

Add $ gem ‘plivo’, ‘>= 4.8.1’ to Gemfile
and run $ bundle command
Get Plivo credentials:
– Goto: 

Note: if you don’t have an account, create one
ruby on rails web applications
once login to Plivo Dashboard, you can see Plivo credentials as :
These are sandbox credentials, plivo provides some amount to try and test the APIs.

Also add sandbox numbers if using trial:
– goto Phone Numbers menu
– goto Sandbox Numbers
– Add sandbox number
– verify OTP
– done!

For live you can purchase the Plivo plan as per your feasibility
So, now let’s create simple CRUD for creating call using scaffold

$ rails g scaffold calls from:string to:string duration:string status:string recording:string

$ rake db:migrate
$ root “calls#index”

Let’s add the logic to create a voice call, excited!!

client =

call_made = client.calls.create(





Store these variables in ENV file :

add below code in calls_controller > create action

response = api.calls.create(calls_params[:from],[calls_params[:to]],'')
puts response
rescue PlivoRESTError => e
puts 'Exception: ' + e.message

ruby on rails web applications
Ruby on Rails Web Applications
Above code will make call to destination number from source number on click on create_call button
You can make changes in call flow as per your requirement such as update call status, end call after some time, etc.
reference: plivo documentation

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