Urlify Functions & Its Implementation

URLify is a simple gem that refines the conversion of UTF-8 strings to ASCII-safe URI strings and enables it to be used as readable URL-segments. After the gem is installed, you can call the URLify function for any UTF-8 string and it will be automatically converted into an ASCII-safe URI string. URLify also has the additional functionality of being able to remove the subtitles in a given input.


‘À’ => ‘A’,
‘Á’ => ‘A’,
‘Â’ => ‘A’,
‘Ã’ => ‘A’,
‘Ä’ => ‘A’,
‘Å’ => ‘AA’,
‘Æ’ => ‘AE’,
‘Ç’ => ‘C’,
‘È’ => ‘E’,
‘É’ => ‘E’,
‘Ê’ => ‘E’,
‘Ë’ => ‘E’,
‘Ì’ => ‘I’,
‘Í’ => ‘I’,
‘Î’ => ‘I’,
‘Ï’ => ‘I’,
‘Ð’ => ‘D’,
‘Ł’ => ‘L’,
‘Ñ’ => ‘N’,
‘Ò’ => ‘O’,
‘Ó’ => ‘O’,
‘Ô’ => ‘O’,
‘Õ’ => ‘O’,
‘Ö’ => ‘O’,
‘Ø’ => ‘OE’,
‘Ù’ => ‘U’,
‘Ú’ => ‘U’,
‘Ü’ => ‘U’,
‘Û’ => ‘U’,
‘Ý’ => ‘Y’,
‘Þ’ => ‘Th’,
‘ß’ => ‘ss’,
‘à’ => ‘a’,
‘á’ => ‘a’,
‘â’ => ‘a’,
‘ã’ => ‘a’,
‘ä’ => ‘a’,
‘å’ => ‘aa’,
‘æ’ => ‘ae’,
‘ç’ => ‘c’,
‘è’ => ‘e’,
‘é’ => ‘e’,
‘ê’ => ‘e’,
‘ë’ => ‘e’,
‘ì’ => ‘i’,
‘í’ => ‘i’,
‘î’ => ‘i’,
‘ï’ => ‘i’,
‘ð’ => ‘d’,
‘ł’ => ‘l’,
‘ñ’ => ‘n’,
‘ń’ => ‘n’,
‘ò’ => ‘o’,
‘ó’ => ‘o’,
‘ô’ => ‘o’,
‘õ’ => ‘o’,
‘ō’ => ‘o’,
‘ö’ => ‘o’,
‘ø’ => ‘oe’,
‘ś’ => ‘s’,
‘ù’ => ‘u’,
‘ú’ => ‘u’,
‘û’ => ‘u’,
‘ū’ => ‘u’,
‘ü’ => ‘u’,
‘ý’ => ‘y’,
‘þ’ => ‘th’,
‘ÿ’ => ‘y’,
‘ż’ => ‘z’,
‘Œ’ => ‘OE’,
‘œ’ => ‘oe’,
‘&’ => ‘and’

Easy Steps To Implement URLify Gem

  1. Go to the Gemfile and add the gem urlify
  2. Run the command bundle install

In the terminal, run the command gem install urlify

A Demo Of Implementation Of URLify

Here is an example of URLify functionality:

  1. Add gem urlify in your Gemfile
  2. Run bundle install

We can now start using URLify API and their attributes as shown below:


.deaccentuate(string) ⇒ Object
Removes diacritics from an input string’s characters.

.strip_subtitle(string) ⇒ Object
Removes everything from a string after the first colon.

.urlify(string, separator = “_”) ⇒ Object
Converts an input string into a URL-safe string.

We can add URLify module to the String class and make deaccentuate, strip_subtitle, urlify as instance method by doing the following:



Git Hub : https://github.com/beastaugh/urlify
Ruby on Rails Gems : https://dzone.com/articles/10-ruby-on-rails-gems-for-web-development

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