Ruby on Rails Ecommerce : Why online stores are using Ruby on Rails for rapid development?

With a year-on-year double-digit growth in the e-commerce market, the online shopping trend has witnessed enormous increase in popularity in past few years. With such growth, the competition is also becoming fiercer. Considering the challenge of dominating the e-commerce landscape in such a competitive age, the retailers are leaving no stone unturned with new strategies of technologically empowering their online stores, realizing their business potential through multiple channels of revenue and the other means to satisfy the needs of the modern-day shoppers. A buyer’s experience is one of the key deciding factors and just about meeting their expectations is not enough but exceeding them is what counts now. So, creating an awesome digital experience for the buyers is not just an advantage, but it is a necessity now. Technology is the biggest means of creating a differentiation from your competition in terms of blending creativity with convenience on your online store to achieve users’ delight. The best kinds of online stores are equipped with flexibility with speed and an innovative user interface with highly intuitive functionality. Implementing the right technological solution goes a long way in creating an engaging and personalized buyer experience, which eventually lets you achieve a streamlined purchase process and increased number of business leads and conversions.

What matters the most while selecting your e-commerce technology

  • One of the critical aspects for the success of your online store is its website architecture. When you decide to opt for an e-commerce platform, you expect it to be more cost effective, stable, robust and systematic than what your technical team would build on its own. There are a host of new technologies that take care of it with their attributes of being open-source, faster and more flexible.
  • When it comes to deciding upon the database product attribute complexity, there is a tradeoff between the standard attributes that are inflexible but simple and easily manageable or opting for flexibility at the cost of having to manage wildly complex product attributes.
  • As we explore and compare the technologies available to develop the platform that meets our expectations, we realize that some of these combined with effective tools, assure to offer faster development and top performance for e-commerce success. So, one can opt for Ruby on Rails for faster development & combine it with a NoSQL database such as MongoDB for fast performance and flexible APIs that facilitate fast communication between different systems.

It is not without any reason that the prominent names in the e-commerce industry such as Amazon and Groupon are opting for Ruby on Rails Ecommerce as their choice of technology. Coupled with NoSQL databases such as MongoDB, JavaScript-driven templates and flexible APIs for connectivity, Ruby on Rails can power user-friendly e-commerce websites that offer speedy performance owing to their highly flexible web architecture. The quicker times to market that Ruby on Rails offers makes it a game-changing technology for e-commerce.

Here are the key attributes of Ruby on Rails Ecommerce that make it perfect for faster development of your online store:

Efficiency – Ruby on Rails is a development-friendly framework so it is efficient in terms of the development time and efforts that need to be put in to build the e-commerce platform. So, along with a shorter time-to-market, the implementation of the post-launch changes is also hassle-free.

User-friendliness – Whether it is about the administration and content management of your online store or it is about adopting a more systematic approach to development along with inclusion of high-end functionality such as bulk-updates or bulk-uploads to simplify the content management of large number of products, it is the technology to go for!

Performance – With the use of right tools, Ruby on Rails does not only reduce the development time for you but the online store also performs better in terms of speed and page load time. The site typically gets launched and modified at incredible speeds owing to its modular design. Moreover, the expert developers know how to re-use the existing components and plug-ins to build it faster.

What’s more! With its high efficiency and economically enabled customization, Ruby on Rails also provides the retailers with a noticeable cost-advantage. So, already considering Ruby on Rails for your online store? What’s stopping you to get started? Let us know and our ror expert will help you with all your queries.